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Take Control of Your Training with Atomic

You See A Maze. We See Amazing.

Instructional Design has come a long way. From overhead projectors to powerpoint to the Metaverse. The goal is still the same, to create engaging materials that deliver effective training. At Atomic, we do just that.

If you’re a bit overwhelmed, that’s okay. It means you have put a lot of thought into what you are trying to accomplish. That’s why we start with a thorough discovery. Collecting every bit of information possible and understanding your goals and vision are the first part in creating a successful project.

Now let’s get to work …

ace your course with the
right design model

ADDIE is generally considered a reference instructional design model and is the archetype for most other business models. Atomic incorporates ADDIE as well as other methodologies, including SAM and AGILE.

Each program is different and sometimes combining elements delivers the best training solution. ADDIE, for example, is made up of 5 components …

Figure out what’s needed. Identify what students already know and what they should know.

Come up with a plan for meeting these needs. These include but not limited to determining all the learning objectives, evaluation criteria and the tools to be used, lesson planning, content and media selection.

Create designed learning materials and activities based on the plan. During this phase the content is written, and audio and graphical materials are also produced.

Incorporate designed learning materials and activities into the learning environment.

Perform a formative and summative evaluation of content to determine overall effectiveness.


Better Learning
Deeper Engagement
Controlled Pacing
Program Quality
Consistent Messaging
Resource Management

And that's just the beginning

Transformative Training and ROI? Oh, Yeah!

This is where the “Atomic Difference” comes into play. Our experiential approach delivers a transformative result that is self-sustaining. We have proven  that if you “teach a student to think”, they can then make new decisions in the future, based on learned information.

Don’t be surprised when you see the resultant ROI on your bottom line. Call for a FREE CONSULTATION – today!

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A Good Plan Begins With a Solid Foundation. Let Atomic Training review and analyze your current training and provide you feedback and recommendations on how to improve your training program.

Schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation appointment today to discuss your future training plans.

*Free consultation is for principles to broadly discuss potential projects via electronic means.


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