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Tech experts use the term “Metaverse” to describe
what comes next in the progression of the internet ...
Atomic Training is part of this journey.

The Metaverse can be as simple as using your training in a virtual environment through eLearning, tablets, and smartphones. Virtual learning can also be as complex as creating a virtual world through VR/AR to train your students.

At Atomic Training we explore all aspects of training to ensure that we deliver training that is appropriate for the tasking at hand. Atomic Training can take your lessons to the virtual environment and land you a place in the Metaverse.

Virtual reality and augmented reality are gaining ground in the training world. These applications can take high risk situations and introduce your student to a training environment with virtually no risk.

In 2020, 35% of learning hours were delivered in the virtual classroom, which is up from 19% in 2019 according to the 2021 State of the Industry report out by the Association for Talent Development. This of course was driven by the COVID pandemic. The need for creating a virtual environment was proven during this time, and the industry has shown just how important this option is to deliver training to their employees.

The Metaverse is setting new training standards by creating an immersive experience for the student. Talk to us today and see if developing training in the Metaverse will be a good fit for your corporation.

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A Good Plan Begins With a Solid Foundation. Let Atomic Training review and analyze your current training and provide you feedback and recommendations on how to improve your training program.

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